A Critical Factor in Finding Technology for Your Business

In addition to my role at LISTnet, I run a software and technology consulting company. As a consultant, part of what I do is help people find the right software to run and grow their businesses. There are a lot of things to consider. What technology is the software built on? How scalable is it? […]

LISTnet – Long Island Tech Showcase – November 30 2017

LISTnet’s Long Island Tech Showcase is your chance to hear first hand what makes companies succeed and find out about great Long Island Tech Companies and what they do. Meet people from these companies and others in the Long Island Tech Community, eat some pizza, and make some great business connections.

LISA – October 16, 2017 – 6:00pm- The Garden City Hotel

Join us for the 21st Annual LISA Awards. In honor of the 21st year we wanted to do something special, so this year LISA stands for Long Island SummIT Award as we honor Long Island Tech All Stars. LISA 2017 will be held at the world class Garden City Hotel and as always you can […]